Through the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, we’ve recently obtained a copy of the Library Catalogue for the Department of Justice Library in Washington D.C. The Department of Justice Library is a semi-secret library not accessible to the public and for which little information was previously available online. It contains numerous books and resources that are publicly available elsewhere. But it also contains a number of publications only available there, and completely inaccessible to the public.

The solution is the FOIA. Every resource in the DOJ Library¬†should be subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Our intention is to submit a FOIA request for every item in the DOJ library that isn’t available anywhere else. However, doing it by myself is going to take forever. The catalog is a PDF file that is 6,562 pages long and contains approximately 80,000 entries.

Doing it alone is going to take years. But hopefully others will be interested in volunteering to help in the lengthy review process.

working together

I’ve broken the catalog up into 66 separate 100-page PDF files. Volunteers will be assigned a 100-page pdf file and then will begin search each item in Google to determine if the resource is available anywhere else. For those resources that aren’t available anywhere else, we’re assembling a list and will then submit FOIA requests for each of them.

Once we start getting documents back I plan to upload all of them here within a searchable portal so that anyone can read them, share them, and download them as necessary.